Diving for Australia’s Awesome Aussie Zoilas

By: Trevor Sutcliffe

An account of my diving activities, from finding the first specimens of Zoila venusta sorrentensis in 1963; finding the first live specimens of Zoila marginata in their natural habitat in 1964; co-finding eludens in 1991; finding marginata orientalis in 1992; co-finding marginata lutea in 1993; and armeniaca at Esperance in 1994.

By popular demand I have produced a 2nd Edition. Price USD 19 plus postage etc.


Trevor Sutcliffe, I got yours and I have read it everyday since then! I think you should think about the second book already!! it’s a fun & knowledgable book, I LIKE IT VERY MUCH

Jom, Thailand.

Thank you for sending your book. Having read it cover to cover can I send my heartfelt appreciation. It really allowed me to connect with what it was like back in the day, and what days they would have been. Sadly past. It’s a great read and I plan to read many times. It was a great read. Thank you for taking the time to make it available to more than just family and friends.

Shane, Australia.

I want to give my sincerest thanks to the author of “Diving for Australia’s Awesome Cowries” for the beautiful words dedicated to me. I am very proud that many people from over the world can enjoy like me, reading about his interesting experiences diving for Zoila in Western Australia.

Benito, Spain.

I received your Zoila book today. It is very interesting and exciting about your diving story…and surprisingly it is full of coloured photos for its reasonable price. Thank you very much for sharing “the Zoila history” with us.

Istvan, Hungary.

Got my copy a few days ago and almost read it entirely without stop. Well done, and it will be of interest to all Zoila enthusiasts.

Allen, USA.

Got your book in the post today and just finished reading it. Nice read.

Callum, Australia.

I really wish you can do more books on Zoila history…your book is really fascinating to read.

Jom, Thailand.

Australia’s Spectacular Cowries

By: Peter Clarkson & Barry Wilson.

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With photographs of over 600 shell specimens, each of the known variations of every species is illustrated in full colour. The book also includes detailed distribution maps and more than 250 photographs of the animals in their natural habitats. Australian’s Spectacular Cowries is a concise easy-to-read guide to these endemic Australian cowries.

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Australian Marine Shells

By: Dr. Barry Wilson.

This is the most up to date and comprehensive book on Australian shells, and is presented in two large volumes by Australia’s leading conchologist.

Over 100 colour plates including shells with the living animals.

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